Thursday, May 08, 2003

A Matter of Priorities

While most states are struggling to close budget shortfalls, and many of them having to raise taxes and cut essential services, Senate Republicans are having trouble limiting their tax cuts for the investor class.

Under the 10-year plan roughed out during 90 minutes of closed-door negotiations ... [that] will enable Republicans to bring it to the Senate floor without having to bargain for Democratic votes. ... "There are about $20 billion that they can find pretty easily," said one lobbyist, but beyond that Congress would be going after corporate tax shelters and other tax provisions that have strong backing among GOP supporters in the business community. ... The White House and Senate GOP leadership signaled their possible willingness to accept aid to the states in a tax and stimulus package even though it was not part of Bush's original package. GOP Senators Reach Tax Cut Pact (

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