Friday, June 06, 2003

It is long past time to tax those freeloading folks from Maryland and Virginia

It is simply wrong that Virginia and Maryland should get all of the income tax money of its citizens who spend their days in the District, using our utilities, driving on our roads, and who depend upon the District police and fire departments for protection.

It is amazingly hyprocritial that if I worked in Virginia [or Maryland, I think] they would tax my income, but they don't allow the reverse.

The report says the District's service costs are the highest in the country, 75 percent above the national average and one-third higher than the city in second place, New York. At the same time, it says, the District, unlike the states, cannot tax wealthier suburban and rural areas; the city serves an urban population that is sicker, poorer and older than average; and it operates without state subsidies. "If this imbalance is to be addressed," the report states, "it may be necessary to change federal policies to expand the District's tax base or to provide additional financial support."
D.C. Stuck In Fiscal Quagmire, GAO Says

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