Saturday, September 27, 2003

Let's see how the administration gets around this one.

While this is not exactly new news, the fact that it was done by Bush's OMB makes it much more credible in the eyes of skeptics. Of course the industry has already attacked the report because they say the EPA (who supplied the data) is biased against them. This argument does not carry much weight considering the EPA just changed the New Source Review rules in favor of industry - allowing them to operate their old plants, that were built before any pollution controls were required, without adding pollution controls, even when they upgrade the plants.

"The report, issued this month by the Office of Management and Budget, concludes that the health and social benefits of enforcing tough new clean-air regulations during the past decade were five to seven times greater in economic terms than were the costs of complying with the rules. The value of reductions in hospitalization and emergency room visits, premature deaths and lost workdays resulting from improved air quality were estimated between $120 billion and $193 billion from October 1992 to September 2002." Study Finds Net Gain From Pollution Rules

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