Thursday, November 27, 2003

My problem with Bush

Many people on the right wonder why there is so much hatred of Bush. Let me put it this way - he's like a defective product you bought, that you can't return. It goes something like this:

You go to the store, and you see something you might like – the packaging claims all these wonderful things, and it is advertised as being on sale - so you go to buy it. You don’t realize until after you paid for it that they charged you full price, that the sale had expired, even though the sale sign was still there. Reluctantly, you take it home anyway, figuring if it works as advertised, it will be worth it. However, when you get home and unpack it and plug it in, not only does it not work, it causes a short in your house, and sparks come out of the socket charring the wall. You are now pretty irritated, realizing you never should have bought the thing. You pack the thing up, to take it back to the store. But of course they won’t take it back, they give you some b.s. about it being a discontinued item, and there are no returns. You are now really upset, and take the damn thing home, and throw it in the corner. But it is a big box, and you trip over it everyday. So now every time you look at it, and the charred wall, you are reminded of how you were ripped off, lied to and mislead. Just thinking about it pisses you off, and you vow to never be taken like that again.

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