Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Dean and Taxes

I really think that Dean's tax proposal is a fatal flaw. Lieberman and Kerry were pretty much on target about the issue of the middle class tax relief, and how that is going to hurt in an election. Regardless of the fact that Bush has spent like crazy (they will just say it was for national security) and the deficit is huge, most people will not be able to see past the fact that Bush gave them a check, and Dean wants to take it back.

The election is going to be tough enough, as Bush is now showing higher popularity ratings, to think people are willing to take on higher taxes is foolish. With the economy improving, and Iraq becoming more stable (or at least out of the news), no matter how great Dean may be in other respects, he cannot win the general election being the guy that opposes the war in Iraq (which most people support now) and raising taxes (which few people can tolerate).

"'I don't know of a case where a Democratic candidate for president has been elected who called for a massive increase in taxes on the middle class,' Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, who joined yesterday's candidates debate here even though he is not competing in the Iowa caucuses. " The Seattle Times: Politics: Rivals clash over taxes in Iowa debate

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