Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Solutions, Not Stupid Action

The typical response of a politician to a problem in their jurisdiction is that they will take prompt action. And when it comes to crime, all politicians wants to be seen as 'tough on crime.' But when it comes to juvenile justice, these two make a bad mix. Sure, quick action against juveniles in the form of tougher sentences can give you something to campaign on, but without any thought to when those juveniles get out, your only making matters worse in the long run.

I asked D.C. Council member Kevin P. Chavous (D-Ward 7) what prompted him to introduce one of the get-tough-on-juveniles bills. "The recent increase in juvenile crime has caused much concern in many neighborhoods," he said. "People are frustrated and they want action." Courtland Milloy - A Harsh Stance On Juvenile Crime Makes Harsh Kids

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