Tuesday, May 25, 2004

It's about Jobs

Not just here, but in Iraq. If the administration had allowed more of the money it gave to Halliburton and the like to go more into the Iraq economy and to hire Iraqis, then they would be more interested in working than blowing themselves and Americans up. Democracy is great, (we could use a bit more here in D.C. - but that is another topic) and I'm sure Iraqis will like it. But if what you really need is security and income, ideals like liberty and democracy will be secondary. Rhetoric about freedom and liberty is great, but without a plan to make it happen, it is useless. Bush, to some, sounds great and says all the right things. But as is clear after three plus years is that he has failed to live up to his word - in Iraq and at home.

"But it's fitting that during the gravest crisis of his presidency, President Bush reverted to his most fundamental political belief. He began this war in Iraq repeating the sentiment embodied in the Declaration of Independence, that our creator has endowed all human beings with the right to liberty, and the ability to function as democratic citizens. He said last night with absolute confidence that the Iraqis are democrats at heart. " David Brooks - Bush's Epic Gamble

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