Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Bad Idea

I am no fan of Mr. Ashcroft, but the idea of marching to his house is stupid. Besides the fact that these sporadic marches don't accomplish much of anything, going to the private residency of an government official is a bad choice. My problem with it is that it risks the possibility of violence and destruction towards private property. While I imagine there is security there, the ability to cause damage in a neighborhood would be much easier, and more tempting than say on the Mall. Further, as a D.C. resident, I honestly don't want to discourage people from deciding to live in D.C. as opposed to VA or MD (even if they are evil republican warmongers).

"After the two-hour rally ended, protesters marched from Lafayette Park to the tree-lined Northwest home of Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld. Although the gathering remained peaceful throughout the day, the crowd chanted, 'No blood for oil, U.S. off Iraqi soil,' and 'Bring the troops home now' as marchers moved up 14th Street toward Mr. Rumsfeld's home, located off Connecticut Avenue." War protesters march to Rumsfeld's home

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