Thursday, August 05, 2004

Voting for Brooks, Betting on Brown

The Ward 4 democratic primary forum was not very exciting. Kwame Brown and Sam Brooks agreed and said about the same thing on most issues. I think both of them can do the job well, and better than Harold Brazil (who did a really poor job tonight). I think they are both very sincere - Mr. Brown even came to my door a couple of weeks ago and he is very personable; Mr. Brooks is attempting a 1000 mile walk through the City. Brown's experience is impressive, but a bit too big business for me. Brooks' (minimal) background is mostly in Democratic politics, which is not exactly a great thing, but he will know the business. Mr. Brooks' ability and willingness to articulate his vision for long-term changes in the City are one of the reasons I will vote for him. Also his firm support for gay marriage is important, and one thing that clearly distinguished him from the other two. Brown's responses to Brazil's attacks were not well played, and his sojourn to Alexandria for several years does not suggest commitment to the City.

But realistically I don't think Brooks can pull it off. Brazil does seem to be on his way out (hopefully), and based on the vibe from tonight Brown seems to be the preferred choice.

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