Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Senate Majority Leader Frist

I have not been watching the Republican convention, but happened to come across Frist last night while flipping through the channels. I had to go back for a second to see if it was as bad as it seemed. The thirty seconds I watched was really bad - and I guess it was all that bad. And some say he is in line for 2008?

"The highpoint of this section was the speech of Bill Frist. I've never really listened to him give a speech before and this one was frighteningly bad. He has a cadaverous face and a terrifying smile. His first anecdote made no sense at all. His denunication of trial lawyers - the one moment when he didn't look like a funeral director - left him wild-eyed and awkward-gestured. He spoke as if to a bunch of seven year olds in their second language. How did this guy ever get to a position of leadership? He's the Senate Majority Leader and, on a bad day, he'd give small kids nightmares. His speech was a mishmash of comic cliches, pathetically contrived hand movements, that robotic swivel from teleprompTer screen to teleprompTer screen, and crude demagoguery. When you see who really runs the GOP (funny Tom DeLay isn't in prime time, isn't it?), you begin to realize why a cross-dressing ex-mayor, a dissident Californian and an unelected ex-librarian are among its major spokespeople. " - Daily Dish

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