Friday, September 10, 2004

Somethin Ain't Right

The four documents that are now alleged to be forgeries are really odd. They do seem fake, yet CBS is standing by them, and the evidence of them being fake is not absolute (yet).

The accusations are now that the DNC created the documents in an attempt to create bad press against Bush. But a large amount of documents on Bush's National Guard story have already been produced, and some just last week, that do plenty of damage to Bush. There would not have been any real need to create these four, which hardly are that damming against Bush anyway.

The Democrats did jump on the documents, and use them as additional proof that Bush did not complete his National Guard duty. But that is exactly what one would expect, especially considering the damage the Swift Boat ads did.

Another odd thing was that after the White House got them, not only did they not dispute them, but they provided copies to the press. Why would they do that?

Of course if it comes out that the documents are fake, it looks really bad for Kerry, and really good for Bush. If the issue comes up in the debates, Bush can just say he did his duty, and Kerry won't be able to mention any of the documents, because they will all have been tainted in the publics mind.

If someone were to try to create false documents that were meant to look 30 years old, wouldn't they at least do them on a typewriter, as opposed to a computer using the default font? It seems that it was too obvious, especially considering how closely they would be scrutinized, as they were the only documents not produced by the Pentagon.

Of course the answer to where they came from lies with Dan Rather, who will not reveal his sources. He must had reason to think they were real - and he does have someone who claims that those kind of documents could have existed. But has he been fooled - and now stuck in the position of admitting that he has been, and giving this huge gift to the Republicans?

Maybe I have seen too many of these movies, but the way I look at it, the evidence points more to a sophisticated ploy by the Republicans than a foolishly bumbled plan by the Democrats.

"McClellan suggested the memos surfaced as part of ``an orchestrated effort by Democrats and the Kerry campaign to tear down the president.''"

The New York Times > AP > National > CBS Defends Report on Bush Guard Memos

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