Monday, April 28, 2003

Little Bitty Economic Policy

President Bush's recent remarks that while $550 billion in tax cuts is ok, $350 billion is "little, bitty relief," reminds me of his stupid comments about "fuzzy math." Besides being a rather juvenile comment, Bush's speech seems to show his lack of ability to explain how his tax cut plan will actually help the economy. We had one round of huge tax cuts, and if that actually helped, why not use that as an example. Why doesn't he show how his tax-cut plan would stimulate the economy and create jobs, if it actually does. The reason I don't think he will try to do that is because if he gets too much into the specifics, it will be clear how the average American would be getting just the table scraps left over from the gourmet meal the wealthy would be served.

"Some in Congress believe that the package is too big," Bush continued. "Well, they have some explaining to do. If they agree that tax relief is important for job growth, why are they for a little, bitty relief package?" - Bush pushes tax cut that isn't 'little-bitty'

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