Friday, August 22, 2003


"The police department's union leaders contend that a spate of summer violence doesn't count as a state of emergency in a post-Sept. 11 world. 'In our opinion, an emergency is 9/11, the . . . [International Monetary Fund protests], a dirty bomb. Not 12 shootings in one weekend,' said Sgt. Darrick Ross, vice chairman of the Fraternal Order of Police Labor Committee for D.C. police. "

I can only hope this was not what they meant. On the Kojo Nnamdi radio show the representative back-stepped from this statement, but it is really stupid. 9/11 was a extreme circumstance, but the IMF protests are by no means a crisis compared to an spike in gang violence and murders. What exactly is a crisis to the police, if it is not rampant crime and violence. I know the police have a really tough job, and they do work hard, but if you are asked to step up when things get tough, you should. I know my eight hour job does not compare to the shit they face, but they should want to work harder when things start to get out of control. Chief Ramsey is at least trying to do something, and show that the police are up to a challenge, but if the FOP just complains, it does not instill much confidence. Chief Cites Crime 'Crisis,' Halts Leave (

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