Friday, August 22, 2003

I know things are bad when I'm agreeing with George Will

It is a damn good thing the administration was wrong about the WMDs because you know they would have shown up by now - not in our troop's hands, but exploding in their faces! One of the things we were suppose to being going after in Iraq were terrorists, and now (as many predicted) we have created a haven for them. We have lost all of the gains we had from the "swift victory" - showing the other Arab countries we were serious, and could take them out as well if they continued to be repressive; even North Korea suddenly stopped talking shit. But now they see us floundering, and will go about their corrupt exploitive ways.

"Perhaps the administration should recognize that something other than its intelligence reports concerning weapons of mass destruction was wrong. Paul Wolfowitz, deputy secretary of defense, was wrong in congressional testimony before the war. Although he said 'we have no idea what we will need until we get there on the ground,' he insisted that Gen. Eric Shinseki, a veteran of peacekeeping in the Balkans, was 'wildly off the mark' in estimating that several hundred thousand troops would be needed in occupied Iraq." George Will - A Victorian View of Iraq

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