Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Vermont is Hell?

The National Review has on its cover: Hell; The Case Against Howard Dean's Vermont. Calling Vermont hell is a fairly serious charge, and you would expect some real analysis as to what is wrong with how the state is governed, and how Dean has created hell on earth. But the article's main criticism of the state is that liberals live there, that and liberals live there, and further liberals live there!!! They do point to an instance where the taxes have driven away some business, but that is only a side thought to the main argument that liberals live there!!! The author apparently does not like the way some people in Vermont look, or that the college students in Burlington have bumper stickers on their cars. The author then makes the comment(as the usual criticism goes) that these liberals think they are better than everyone else.

So for a headline called "The Case Against Howard Dean's Vermont," the article is utterly worthless. There is no real "case" presented, just a conservatives ranting against people he clearly dislikes. If you are going to make a claim, like Vermont is Hell, you better have some data to how why the State is so bad. But then that might take actual journalism!

[the article might be online, but it is not worth even linking to]

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