Thursday, February 19, 2004

More Electability-abilty?

As the idea of choosing an electable candidate seems to been the main cause of Dean's demise, there is an argument that Edwards would do better in the general election than Kerry. Basically you assume both get all Democrats and independents that have had enough of Bush, leaving the fence sitters. Wisconsin suggests Edwards can attract more of them.

"The data suggest that Edwards is more electable among those the Democrats need to appeal to: men, Southerners, Republicans and Independents. Yes, he seems a little jejune. Yes, his protectionism is worrying. But he is so obviously a better speaker and a better candidate than the current front-runner. I think Kerry can still be stopped. He was the default choice after Dean flamed out. The Dems now have a real choice - between Kerry and Edwards. I'd go for Edwards in a heartbeat." - Daily Dish

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