Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Tested Does Not Mean Replaced

I don't know the regulations, but how the hell does one interpret a rule that says you need to replace something, but if that is too much to do, just run a test on it. That's like going to get a blown tire replaced, and instead of installing a new tire, the shop just takes an air pressure reading on the bad tire and then bills you for a new tire. In the real world it does not work that way.

It is real comforting to know that the EPA and water authority are looking after our best interest!

"Instead, the agency requested -- and later gained -- approval from the EPA to do massive numbers of water tests in order to find many homes that had no lead contamination of the water, according to the documents. Under WASA's and the EPA's interpretation of the federal law, those homes could then be effectively counted as having had their lead service lines replaced even though the lines remained in the ground." WASA Avoided Replacing Lead Service Lines

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