Sunday, July 24, 2005

Don't blow it on Roberts

You can vote over at Daily Kos for a strategy for the Roberts nomination. Unless he turns out to be a child porn collector, he will get appointed. So the Left should not make this an end of the world battle, becuase it is not. We should save our resources for the next election.

But Frau Koch's slam on Judge Roberts has given me a germ (so to speak) of an idea. Since the guy is probably going to be confirmed anyway, maybe the Dems should praise him instead of slamming him. Talk about his tolerance and his respect for diversity. Congratulate Bush for picking such a moderate, fair-minded jurist -- one who has already testified that Roe v Wade is "settled law." Tell the world they're overjoyed the president selected a nominee who can reach across the partisan divide, instead of some extremist skin job with a radical religious agenda. Smother Roberts in some hot, juicy Demo love. - Daily Kos: Jujitsu vs. Going to the Mattresses

[Update: Colbert I. King agrees Democrats Are on the Wrong Battlefield]

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