Saturday, August 13, 2005

Mosaic Mural in Anacostia Needs Volunteers and Material Donations

Mosaic Mural in Anacostia Needs Volunteers and Material Donations

"We will be working on an exciting dc pride mural this saturday and sunday as
well as next saturday and sunday from 4-7pm. I am short on hands and
under a bit of a time crunch so please make it!

Also, I'd like to plan a trip to Anacostia metro, The Anacostia
Museum(which currently has an exhibition on murals),and Art on the
Block to see mosaics in action.

I got a huge shipment of flat glass today, which needs to be sorted on
the top floor of the gatepost on saturday. If you decide to come on
saturday, please knock on the door of the building if we are not
outside or call my cell at 202-320-3244 when you arrive.

Again, the mural is located at 1300 Good Hope Rd SE, at the corner of
13th and Good Hope Rd. I hope you can make it. It is walkable from the
Anacostia metro, and if you decide to drive, take 295 to MLK ave, make
you first right on Good Hope Rd, and you will see the mural catacorner
to you. Feel free to park behind my trooper. If you live in U st/Shaw,
call me, I can give you a lift at 3:30pm anyday.

Special thanks to Wendy Bailey for making an appearance last week!
Pass this on to anyone who might be interested.
Materila needed- colored flat glass, small bathroom tiles and grout. Tax write off reciepts are available."

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