Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Barry unable to do his job?

Barry appears to be letting the City down again. I guess not a big surprise.

"WASHINGTON - A local leader says 'personal matters' have cut into his time for dealing with the needs of his constituents.
Speaking at Tuesday's D.C. Council meeting, Ward Eight councilman Marion Barry said he's been unable to work on legislation that would help keep a mental health services agency open.
WTOP Radio first reported that the former D.C. mayor is being investigated on allegations that he failed to file federal tax returns since 1998. Barry's attorney is negotiating a deal that could help resolve the matter.
No charges have been filed against Barry.
The health center in Southeast provides services to about 1,000 clients. The nonprofit group that runs the center says it could close in weeks without $4 million in aid."
WTOP Radio

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