Monday, October 31, 2005

Orange sues Cropp!

"WASHINGTON (AP) - Councilmembers Vincent Orange and Linda Cropp are already opponents in next year's mayoral election. Now they might be opponents in the courtroom, too.
Orange filed a lawsuit against Cropp in D.C. Superior Court alleging she overstepped her authority as council chair when she called off a round-table on stadium ownership he planned for today. The suit says her actions usurped his authority as the chair of council's government committee. It says that post gives him jurisdiction over acts of the mayor and city manager, which the session was going to focus on.
Orange says Cropp knew she didn't have the authority to stop the hearing, but did it anyway.
Cropp's office says the council chair has no comment on the lawsuit yet."
Orange Files Suit against Cropp for Stopping Hearing - WTOP Radio

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