Wednesday, July 19, 2006

a vicious cycle

Judge Rankin tells of his personal experiences with crime.

Juvenile Delinquency Gets Old Fast for Victims

"So far this year, D.C. police have arrested 1,696 juveniles. That's enough to fill a high school -- or it would be if the delinquents showed up for class. Instead of getting an education, finding a job and becoming productive members of society, however, many of them have decided to steal what they want from others. Five years ago, police say, juvenile robbery arrests averaged seven a month. This year, the average is 23 a month."
"To Rankin, the streets are not only a haven for repeat offenders but also a breeding ground for them. 'It's not unusual to go to a park or a playground and find older guys who are smoking and using the foulest language and engaged in behavior that is chilling,' Rankin said. 'And there are usually younger boys looking up to them, imitating them. It's like a rite of passage.'

What the judge witnessed were juvenile delinquents on the way to becoming hardened felons. Just keeping our garage doors locked won't be enough to stop them."

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