Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Adrian Fenty for Mayor

Adrian Fenty for Mayor: "Adrian Fenty for Mayor
His trademark energy is only part of the story.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006; Page A18

THE NEXT MAYOR of the District of Columbia will inherit a set of conditions that are both unique to the nation's capital and daunting for any large city. Saddled with limited home rule powers and under the watchful eyes of Congress and the White House, the next D.C. mayor must respond to residents' demands for improvements in education, municipal services and public safety; foster social cohesion in a demographically changing city; and work with the D.C. Council to keep the District on a responsible financial course. That tall order calls for a smart chief executive with a commitment to all parts of the city, an appreciation of the inner workings of the District and the energy to work full time in behalf of its people for the next four years. We believe Adrian M. Fenty can be that kind of mayor."

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