Monday, August 08, 2005

Worst Bill Ever?

The energy bill that Bush just signed is a disgrace. Below is who supported it. Too many Democrats on this list, it is sad to see.

But when you are an oil junkie, I guess you do what ever you can to get a fix. Of course the low is always worse than the high.

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You know what ever Bush says, the opposite tends to be the result. I was thinking how in a few years some of these lawmakers would be backing away from this bill. But what does George say?

"I'm confident that one day Americans will look back on this bill as a vital step toward a more secure and more prosperous nation that is less dependent on foreign sources of energy,"

The Post article is fairly weak, concluding limply:

Analysts said the biggest step lawmakers could have taken to reduce foreign oil dependence would have been to increase vehicle mileage standards. But Congress rejected that approach, saying doing so would result in the loss of U.S. auto jobs and the production of vehicles that are unsafe -- arguments disputed by environmentalists and some analysts. Instead, lawmakers focused on fixes backed by powerful lobbies and influential constituencies. Ethanol, for instance, is a big winner under the new law because it is often produced from corn, a popular and plentiful crop in the Midwest, where many states are considered up for grabs in next year's election.
Bush Signs Energy Bill, Cheers Steps Toward Self-Sufficiency

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